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Truck Hire Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is the idea of renting a truck or vehicle tempting? Is it perhaps something you or your company have to do in order to function properly? Renting a truck can seem overwhelming or complicated and very often puts people off starting the process altogether. Super Rent are trying to make this process easier by offering … Continue reading

What should you be considering when it comes to hiring a truck?

Step 1 The first things you need to consider: cost, reliability, service, experience and quality of the business before settling on a company. At Super Rent, we focus on providing you with exceptional service and support through a national network of branches located in all major cities. Our truck hire boasts over 2,500 vehicles to … Continue reading

Why Hire?

The Benefits of Hiring Trucks rather than Purchasing Your Own Ever compared your house rental problems with your businesses’ transport rental? Ever wondered if you might be paying for someone else’s investment, much like when you pay off someone else’s bond? Well, there is no need to worry…the benefits of hiring a truck versus buying … Continue reading