24 Hour Hotline - 0861 777 368

Frequently Asked Questions

Number 1
How do I find my nearest branch?

Super Rent has branches in all major centres. Branch locations and contact numbers are listed on the Contact Us page. Alternatively, contact our National number - 0861 777 368 - for further assistance.

Number 2
How do I determine what size vehicle I need?

Cargo capacity is listed under the vehicle on the fleet pages. If you require size dimensions of specific vehicle models please contact us on 0861 777 368. Browse Fleet

Number 3
What happens if I break down?

Super Rent offers a 24-hour breakdown and replacement service to ensure you stay on the road. Simply contact 0861 777 368 and we'll take care of the rest.

Number 4
Is fuel supplied?

All vehicles are rented out with a full tank of fuel and should be returned with a full tank. Alternatively we can refuel the vehicle for you and bill it to your account.

Number 5
Can I drive the vehicle myself or use my own driver?

Yes, so long as the driver has the correct driver's license for the type of vehicle you require. Super Rent also offers qualified drivers and van assistants if required.

Number 6
Are your vehicles equipped with satellite tracking?

Yes, all vehicles have satellite tracking for added peace of mind, should a theft or hijacking occur.

Number 7
What about insurance?

Customers can either use their own insurer or use Super Rent's insurance cover.

Number 8
I have never rented from Super Rent before, what must I do?

New customers must complete a Credit Application form first before we can open an account for you. This is in line with the NCA. This can be completed online here - please make sure to print and sign the application form and send to us by fax or email along with the relevant accompanying documents.

Number 9
What are your payment methods?

Account only. Once your account is open, our terms are 30 days from statement.